Behind the Scenes: Prototype Painting Begins Long Before the Booth

The part comes off the machine, is taken to the paint booth and sprayed the color of the product, right? Wrong. Achieving the desired paint job begins long before you set foot into the paint booth. After parts are made, how each part is sanded, finished, and primed can be the difference between a professional, convincing prototype, or one that’s left with distracting scratches, scuffs, or uneven edges.

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This Step Can Make or Break a Project

Packaging a prototype is one of those things most people don’t even think about until it’s time to get it where it needs to go. But it can be just as important as every other step of the process. Having a prototype break during shipping can be devastating to time and budget. Even a scuff, scratch, or crack can completely derail a project. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen with these steps to ensure your project arrives safely.

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The Information Needed to Build Your Prototype

Going back and forth trying to understand what each person needs to get a prototype can kill time, and waste budget. With the many processes used to build prototypes, knowing what is needed and what to provide can be a challenge. We’ll walk through what’s needed to get your prototype, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with each new project.
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How to Navigate the Rapidly Changing World of 3D Printing

In the rapidly changing world of additive manufacturing, your choices for development have never been greater. With so many options, how do you stay informed, and what questions should you ask?
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5 Things to Consider to Get From Idea to Prototype

So, I have this great idea for a product that will change the world. How do I get it made?
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Priority Designs Hosts Student Open House

A night of behind the scenes look into real world product development! Students joined us for a unique experience outside the classroom with free food, music, games, studio and shop tours and discussions with experienced professionals.